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Work Update

Fuel II has worked on creating a new prototype of the Buka Stove, currently named as version 5.0. A number of issues were discovered during the first week of the July project, regarding the dependency version 4.0 had on refrigerant tanks that were sourced free from different companies, and how reliable it would be to scale up production of the Buka stoves to fulfill a larger demand. The appearance of the version 4.0’s were also inconsistent, and had poor spot-welding that we would preferably...

Maddy Cook
by Maddy Cook
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Maddy Cook
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Work Update

One of the original monthly goals for the Fuel II team in Fiji was to sell 10 stoves and gain significant feedback from existing customers on the stove’s performance. So far, there have been multiple village visits and conversations with many existing and prospective customers. From this feedback, there are a few common issues that keep coming up. Many villagers cook within their extended families of up to 8-10+ people, and believe the Buka stove is too small and unsuitable for cooking large...

Luke Finlayson
by Luke Finlayson
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Luke Finlayson

Maddy Cook

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