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The February 2020 DArT teams primary focus was to complete the supply chain mapping of the agricultural sector in Bhubaneswar. To achieve this, surveys were continued for experiments on SS farmers and Middlemen. The team also undertook three new problem experiments on agriculture stores, restaurants and resorts to gain insight into how they fit into the supply chain in relation to farmers and middlemen. Additionally, a meeting was held with a government branch within the agriculture sector...

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Justin Marshall
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Communication with farmers in rural Timor-Leste poses many challenges in trying to gain potential customer traction for a social media based Minimum Viable Product.  Communication through translators works in the empathising process, however when we need distinctive answers from farmers for a Call to Action, written communication is often more reliable. A Call to Action is an instruction to the audience that provokes an engagement with the product. A well designed CTA methodology is key in...

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