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The DArT team’s aim for January was to survey specific groups linked to the agricultural supply chain in Timor-Leste, and to gain an understanding of how produce gets from seeds to tables. Agriculture accounts for 32.1% of the nation’s GDP, making it Timor-Leste’s most valuable industry. Despite this, 62% of rural households experience up to four months of food shortage per year.  The January DArT team wanted to understand where the specific pain points within the supply chain exist...

Adam Metcalfe
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Adam Metcalfe
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Lean Phase : Solution Assumption:  Given our current risk prevention methods, the default rate on buka stove loans over 4 weeks is around 15%. This default rate must be monitored in order to understand how to further tighten our security requirements.    Time Box: 4 weeks. Success Metric: This experiment is measuring the percentage of borrowers who default on payments. This will be tested with 20 sales of the buka stove in conjunction with the Fuel team in December. Part of...

Adam Metcalfe
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