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Adopted Experiment

Lean Phase:  Customer Segment/Problem Definition Assumption : There is a group of people in Fiji (that may include households, small businesses, large businesses, in rural and/or urban areas) who identify waste management as a problem that they are actively seeking a solution for. Time Period: 3 weeks Metric:  Percentage of each Fijian customer segment that identify waste management as a problem they are seeking a solution for. Three customer segments to be tested, with a sample...

Lucy Preiss
by Lucy Preiss
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Lucy Preiss
Adopted Experiment

Lean Phase: Customer Segment Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to understand SoCon’s customer segment in relation to the problem of access to capital, and at what stages of the business lifecycle they face this problem. Assumption: The early adopters of SoCon’s customer segment are characterised by: Business owners actively seeking to access capital for their business whom are likely starting up (in an introductory phase) or a growth/diversification phase of their...

Jacqueline Saykao
by Jacqueline Saykao
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Jacqueline Saykao

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