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Project Summary

The January Health Team had three primary focuses; completing the offer testing stage, preparing currency test experiments and finalising the experiments for research protocol. The full outline can be found in the attached document, and an abridged summary can be found below.   The first focus broke down to two elements. Firstly, the problem statement was synthesised and offer tests were executed, and currency testing experiments were designed.   Offer Testing Posts Experiment...

Isabelle Kohout
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Isabelle Kohout

Context In December 2018, the Health Consulting Team conducted interviews with Heads of Clinics in Blantyre in order to validate the customer segment. Through conducting these interviews, the team generated invaluable insights with regard to the healthcare challenges clinicians identify and the emotions they feel in relation to these challenges. From these insights, the January 2019 Health team were able to construct a problem centric message, for the purpose of offer testing, that...

Isabella Strapp
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Isabella Strapp
Experiment Results

Reference to Experiment Post: This experiment focussed on validating the assumption that clinicians identify with the problem that they feel frustrated by not having quality time with their patients and that they want better health outcomes for their patients. The long term goal was to initiate communication with heads of clinics and build relationships. Reassert Lean Phase:  Problem  Assumption: People within our customer segment identify with the problem described as ‘you...

Isabella Strapp
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Isabella Strapp
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Experiment Results

Reference to Experiment Post: Lean Phase:  Problem Assumption: People within our customer segment identify with a particular way of describing a problem. Results: Between 6 and 12 people clicked on the links Zero people registered Validated Learning: The experiment was planned to be quantitative and conducted through the channel identified; posts on Malawian medical Facebook groups. We then identified and applied for...

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Catherine Edwards

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