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Work Update

The February team will be continuing on from the combined efforts of the December and January teams, which have contributed great strides to our understanding of the waste management services here in Siem Reap. With this increased understanding of the market landscape, the February teams efforts will be primarily focused upon developing and implementing a viable business model aimed at minimising the amount of general waste and glass beverage containers which are currently neglected by the...

Austen Hunt
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Austen Hunt

Austen Hunt

Sydney, Australia

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Bio I am a student of International and Global studies who has specialised in the field of International Relations and Government, along side Environmental Studies. I have a keen interest in specialising myself towards resource management and will constantly strive to place myself in an environment which forces me to hone skills relevant to this area. When working within Sydney, my efforts are primarily focused towards my studies. However, I diversify my activities through working on efforts towards start ups based around reducing waste and collating registries to influence public policy.

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