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Eda Utku

Crows Nest, Australia

Joined this community on Jan 15, 2018

Bio I'm an MBA qualified copywriter obsessed with story structure and how it drives buy-in and change in behaviour. My career started 15 years ago with U.S Drug Enforcement Administration where I was doing traditional and social media monitoring along with reporting and requesting funding for on-going and operational expenses to run our office in Istanbul. These days I work with Profit for Purpose organisations and provide them with market-tested communications expertise. I achieve this by working alongside marketing teams to develop tailored content that fosters a strong connection between target segments and the brand. Every piece of communication I develop has one goal: DRIVE BUY-IN. Imagine well-crafted content that leads to business without the exorbitant fees of Management Consultants. That's what I do. FUN FACT: I will be attending the legendary Robert McKee Story seminar in NYC this year. It will also be a long-awaited Utku family reunion as we are all spread out in the world (my brother and I are the only Utku in all of Australia, dad lives in DC and mum lives in Istanbul).

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