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As the first month of Social Consulting, our major focus was to collect information about the attitudes, knowledge and infrastructure established within microfinance in Malawi. This was established by identifying protentional customer segments within urban, fringe-urban and rural regions of the greater Blantyre region, and developing an understanding of attitudes and barriers when engaging with finance. This was conducted through individual interviews with small business owners, village...

Samantha Orum
by Samantha Orum
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Samantha Orum

This post outlines the fundamental problems in the financial space in Malawi, and are detailed further in other posts. The two fundamental issues are that there is a huge lack of access to capital, and a huge lack of financial/business education.  Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with 90% of the population living on less than $2/day, and 75% living below the lowest poverty threshold of $1.25/day (Human Development Report, 2011). The majority of Malawians are...

Kurt Michl
by Kurt Michl
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Kurt Michl
Proposed Experiment

Background We have done some surveys of small business owners around the Blantyre and Limbe markets to validate our customer segment. We have come to the consensus that there is a big stigma against borrowing a loan, at least from a financial institution, due to a fear of debt. This stigma stems from two major reason: 1) High interest rates and 2) no collateral. Another fascinating revelation we found from conducting our surveys is that the marketplace is a very collectivist society....

Seif Zakri Stacey
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Seif Zakri Stacey
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Proposal not viable

Over the past week, the Cambodia ERS team have been hit with some massive roadblocks that have forced us to come to a complete standstill on our original monthly goals; so we pivot!   With four full days this week to test new ideas, the team is in the process of prototyping upcycling techniques for some of the most common waste found in Siem Reap. The three prototypes we have explored are: Making plastic string from plastic bottles. Reshaping and moulding plastic...

Samantha Orum
by Samantha Orum
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Samantha Orum

Samantha Orum

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