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Yesterday we had a meeting with a stakeholder, he brought along his intern Q. She introduced us to her shortcode program for maternity. The outcome from this was great for our project as it showed that adapting the Your. MD application to shortcode is very possible. Q talked us through the process of setting up a shortcode and how it actually works. Unique ideas can be created for each individual user making it possible to create a history book for users of our project. Talking through the...

Jayden Daley
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Jayden Daley

Stepping off into Malawi, one our biggest concerns moving forward was the smartphone penetration within the community. However following the western trend, more citizens of Malawi are switching from your brick phone to a smartphone. Your. MD, as well as all applications, will only be accessible from a smart phone. Majority of the community would not have access to our product. This left the health team with a big question, how do we make a large scale impact with an application? One idea...

Jayden Daley
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