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Work Update

  Following my previous post on Training Timorese Students For Ag Team (, here is a specific post that describes the main activities and goals we want to fulfill in the Training Session that will hopefully take place in January.    The next stage will be a training session ran by Project Everest trekkers in January. The aim for this activity is to ensure that interns fully understand the Agriculture Assessment project and its long-term...

Chivi Galatas
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Chivi Galatas
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Work Update

A team of five people can get A LOT done in the first three weeks of a new project, but wouldn’t you say that a team of twenty could get so much more done? This is in fact what the Agriculture Assessment team in Timor Leste strongly supports. We are not thinking about bringing more trekkers but about involving university students from UNTL (National University of Timor Leste) in our project to help us in the emphasizing stage we are now vigorously working on.   This is the Ag's team main...

Chivi Galatas
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Bio From Madrid, Spain Study at Georgetown University, Washington DC Studied Abroad in University of Sydney during Semester 2, 2017 Trekker in Timor L'este for Agriculture Assessment

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