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SoCon started their morning bright and early at 0615 today for a trip back to Suva. After catching the bus and arriving at 1030 for our 1130 meeting with one of SoCon’s MAJOR stakeholders South Pacific Business Development (SPBD). The ultimate aim of the day was to receive feedback from Elrico (SPBD General Manager) about how July’s workshop went for them, feedback on our previously signed MOU roles and responsibilities, receive confirmation on the next collaborated workshop and...

Adrian Brossard
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Adrian Brossard

SoCon started their morning at 0800 on Wednesday for an early morning trip to Fiji’s capital, Suva. The drive took two hours and SoCon had landed in Suva by 1000. The ultimate aim of the day was to manage stakeholders, both old and new.   The team split up, half went to the South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) head office, while the other half headed towards the Fiji National University (FNU). The team at SPBD had the goal of re-establishing the relationship made with SPBD...

Adrian Brossard
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