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Project Summary

The Fuel Sustainability project in Timor-Leste has now been running for three months and in that time has made significant and rapid progress. The January team has spent most of the month focusing on refining the three proposed solutions, validating the findings of previous months, determining the supply chain of each solution and the associated costs and also conducting price testing in several areas of Dili. As a result of our hard work, the project is in a strong position for follow-up...

Ben Disher
by Ben Disher
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Ben Disher
Experiment Results

Lean Phase:  Solution Assumption: That our customers are willing to pay a price for Stoves/Briquette Makers that is above the failure points set out by the cost analysis experiment. That our customers are willing to pay a price for briquettes that is above the failure points set out in the cost analysis experiment. Results: The success metrics for the stove was largely dependent on the data we got from manufacturer regarding the cost to make each stove. The quotes we have range from...

David Gailey
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David Gailey
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Work Update

In recent years we have seen a massive increase in the use of drones as tools for businesses. Given the ever decreasing cost and rising capabilities of drones, it’s no wonder that more and more drones are flying out of stores as businesses integrate them into their operations.   Certainly Project Everest is not immune to this new trend given that several projects are currently using or experimenting with drones. Here in Timor-Leste, the energy team is looking at ways we can integrate...

David Gailey
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