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Yesterday a team of eight people from PE travelled up the valley to attend a village visit in Sautabu Village. The team was a mixture of trekkers from all three projects with two representatives from SoCon and Fuel, plus four from Farm Ed. The team went with the purpose of presenting a united Project Everest front and pitching the varied but interlinked services of SoCon, Fuel and FarmEd. Further, all the teams had differing purposes for attending the village, and therefore the whole trip...

Courtney Daley
by Courtney Daley
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Courtney Daley
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We drove into Suva bright and early ready for a big day. We had 5 meetings planed and ended up having 6.   Our first meeting was with Manisha from the economics planning division of the Youth Entrepreneurial Scheme (YES). YES offers training and incubation for youth that present outstanding and innovative business ideas. Notably, they offer training with little business knowledge or experience required, but they must have a viable innovative idea. We proposed that SoCon deliver...

Courtney Daley
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Courtney Daley

Courtney Daley

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