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Adopted Experiment

Summary: Fuel teams need more feedback on current and past models of Buka stoves in order to determine which direction to take the stove into in the future. This feedback will be gathered starting August and continuing through to December via two separate case studies on one individual who owns a buka 3 and one who owns a buka 5. Something that Fuel in Fiji has been lacking, is solid feedback on the Buka stove. Most interactions this far have been around qualitative data and even then...

Alexander Teicher
by Alexander Teicher
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Alexander Teicher
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Work Update

One of the original monthly goals for the Fuel II team in Fiji was to sell 10 stoves and gain significant feedback from existing customers on the stove’s performance. So far, there have been multiple village visits and conversations with many existing and prospective customers. From this feedback, there are a few common issues that keep coming up. Many villagers cook within their extended families of up to 8-10+ people, and believe the Buka stove is too small and unsuitable for cooking large...

Luke Finlayson
by Luke Finlayson
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Luke Finlayson
Work Update

The Fuel II and Social Consulting I teams in Fiji are planning to collaborate in terms of the sale of stoves within villages. It has been noted that the price of the Buka stove, $60, is quite an expense to many villagers and often they are unable to make a full payment when purchasing the product.  Due to limited resources within Fuel II, the only payment options to date have either been a single full payment, or a deposit made with the remainder paid on the arrival of the Buka stove....

Luke Finlayson
by Luke Finlayson
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Luke Finlayson

Luke Finlayson

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