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Hi Everyone, for your information, and to allow better decision making for the recycling projects. Currently, most developed nations including Australia the USA and Europe are in the midst of a recycling problem, and it's not as small as you may think. There are several Councils, such as Ipswich that were close to dropping recycling altogether and sending it to landfill. Ie, all that hard work communicating to the public to recycle, and it could be sent to landfill to be buried.     This...

Sam Swain
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Sam Swain
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This isn't my idea, but here's a link to a fantastic organisation that is doing stuff around plastics and plastic waste. Basically 'upcycling' the material. Check out their website, there are plans to create the machinery, ideas about what to make etc.  

Sam Swain
by Sam Swain
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Sam Swain

Sam Swain

Orange, Australia

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Bio Currently working in the 'waste' industry undertaking a variety of community orientated education campaigns, contracts, procurement and the like

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