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Project Summary

SoCon Fiji has reached a pinnacle stage in its development on the back of three months of teams working on the ground. For February, the two teams operating on the ground focused effectively on the consumer and institutional space of the problem. Our higher goal across both teams was to evaluate, is it viable for PEV to operate as a Microfinance Institution in Fiji, and ultimately would that solve the underlying social issue of barriers to accessing this business capital.  The outcome of...

Liv Hendy
by Liv Hendy
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Liv Hendy
Experiment Results

Reference To The Experiment Design Post: Assumption: It is viable for PEV to run a Microfinance Business in Fiji. Results Data BMC: Results Spreadsheet (PNL): SoCon II Results Spreadsheet:...

Liv Hendy
by Liv Hendy
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Liv Hendy
Experiment Results

[FEB 19] Problem/Customer Segment Experiment Results - Fiji SoCon Reference the Experiment Design Post Due to the nature of the experiment focusing on empathising, we had no direct assumptions and collated solely qualitative data regarding Financial Institutions (FI’s) pain points and operations. Resultantly, we took our survey results and coded it into a binary format (Y/N). This binary analysis allowed us to quantify the qualitative...

Jamie Butler
by Jamie Butler
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Jamie Butler

The Social Consulting and Microfinance teams in Fiji are still very much in the empathy stage of operation; looking to further define the problem and customer segment aspects of this project and space before moving to offer any product or solution.  The January SoCon team's in Fiji worked hard this month to define the customer segments and problems within the Microfinance space. The segments and problems explored this month looked into small businesses and SMEs, agricultural merchants, and...

Rose Martin
by Rose Martin
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Rose Martin

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