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Work Update

What. A. Month. The four weeks were an absolute whirlwind for Fiji FarmEd Field Development, there were unexpected setbacks, goal reassessments, blood sweat and tears poured into the project, all up resulting in massive progress. Our initial BHAG was perhaps too hairy and audacious, being to extend the existing permaculture plot to cover 1 acre. However, given all that we’ve learnt, I have no doubt that if the team somehow had another four weeks off the back of the month we’ve...

Emma Rickert
by Emma Rickert
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Emma Rickert
Work Update

FarmEd Field Dev is well and truly back in Fiji in full force for its second month of major project advancement and setting the pace for FieldDev across all countries. The bar was set high in July by the previous team, and December shows no hints of slowing down. This month we’ll be focusing on monitoring the existing plot, as well as continuing to build on its permaculture goodness. Our BHAG is nice and audacious, with aims to extend the current permaculture demo plot on Ranadi to a full...

Emma Rickert
by Emma Rickert
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Emma Rickert

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