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Today we held a meeting that included Jimmy, TL's and 2 members each from SoCon, Fuel and FarmEd to discuss operational integration between the teams in Fiji. We identified that there is a lack of communication between which has resulted in repeat visits to villages and confusion in meetings. We have also realised that our current pitching method is lacking in empathy and understanding. Therefore we have formed a team with a representative from each project to address these issues. We plan...

Shannon Monteiro
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Shannon Monteiro

In week one we ran our first workshop of the month using one of the modules that was prepared by the December group. We had 5 people show up to the workshop, who all gave us fairly positive feedback. Something that we learnt from this workshop is that it is very effective to break off into small groups for a more in depth discussion of the conversation. We have decided to maintain doing this in future workshops. However, there are some necessary changes we are looking to implement....

Shannon Monteiro
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