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The business plan will be divided into 7 parts to ease the understanding of the content. Here is an overview of what we will be delivered by the end of the month. Problem Identification There is a significant lack of business education among the local people. This is a problem that impacts locals at various levels of business operation, from the owners of SMEs to micro-organizations, farmers, and local village businesses.   What is the problem? An implication of...

Urpi Peralta Gamarra
by Urpi Peralta Gamarra
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Urpi Peralta Gamarra

Last week 11 of January we had a meeting with Buatavatava Ravoka (Bua) from the provincial office of Sigatoka who is being of great help for the project in the last months. He is being providing us with telephone numbers of important stakeholders, for example the village chiefs and the district representatives. We made some calls to village chiefs and to the Tikina Korolevu Wai district representative, Luke. We set up an appointment for the day after on Friday 12 to meet with him at the...

Urpi Peralta Gamarra
by Urpi Peralta Gamarra
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Urpi Peralta Gamarra

The first meeting happening is at the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Trade (MITT). The contact is Deepika Singh (senior economic planning officer) and Suruj Prasad (principal economic planning officer).  1.The main objective is to discuss the requirements for the $1000 FJD grant that is currently given to Fijian business owners or aspirants. We want to tailor the workshop's content around the requirements and deliver more content value to our customer so they can apply for the grant in...

Urpi Peralta Gamarra
by Urpi Peralta Gamarra
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Urpi Peralta Gamarra

Urpi Peralta Gamarra

Adelaide, Australia

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Bio I am a Peruvian living in Australia, studying the last year of a Bachelor of Commerce and International Business. I lived in China for 5 years studying my first degree in International Trade and working as a Public Relations Manager at the same time. This has allowed me to develop my international competences and managerial skills. I speak several languages fluently including English, Spanish & Mandarin Chinese and I'm looking to know other trekkers and their interests.

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