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February has been a productive month in terms of progressing the project forward and getting it to a stage where it will be a smooth handover for the July team. The Team prepared a lot of material for a number of different collaborations and potential sales for the July team to follow up on and continue when they are in country. The following are achievements that can be attributed to the February Energy Assessment Team, we recognise that we couldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t the...

Jock Willoughby
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Jock Willoughby
Work Update

The January Energy Team walked in after two months of extremely dedicated groups to a lot of challenges. Through extensive hussle, a few late nights and an unbelievable amount of passion, they cemented their place as a worthy team for energy assessment. As for the evidence, it is clearly defined by the list of achievements.   By the end of week one the team had organised the monthly goals, worked out a plan to use a drone for assessments and successfully deciphered the December...

Jock Willoughby
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