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Proposed Experiment

The following post is two different ideas, however are both about recycling. First Idea: In the idea ‘Recycling Education in Timor’ written by Jess, there was an offhand comment regarding ideas for recycling paper. In that post I suggested using paper for agriculture purposes, however have since thought of what I believe is a better idea that future teams could potentially investigate if ERS plans on recycling paper. Having spent the last month in Malawi, one thing I noticed is the...

Scott Jucius
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Scott Jucius
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Key Partners

With sadly just five days of project remaining for the summer period, the energy team here in Malawi have no plans of slowing down. Over the last month a large emphasis has been put on the business and supply aspect and building long lasting relationships in country. We have been smashing stakeholder meeting after stakeholder meeting, and still have another five planned for next week. From these meetings we have met some charismatic and lovely people who are all more than willing to help....

Scott Jucius
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