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The Social Consulting and Microfinance teams in Fiji are still very much in the empathy stage of operation; looking to further define the problem and customer segment aspects of this project and space before moving to offer any product or solution.  The January SoCon team's in Fiji worked hard this month to define the customer segments and problems within the Microfinance space. The segments and problems explored this month looked into small businesses and SMEs, agricultural merchants, and...

Rose Martin
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Rose Martin

Business Operations & Customer Segment Testing Lean Phase: Customer Segment NB: This experiment can be run concurrently with the experiment Further Exploring Access to Finance. Assumption: The customer segment that falls under SoCon’s operations can be characterised by the following business operational assumptions. Business owners have a good understanding of their position in the market Business owners are aware of...

Brittany Nipperess
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Brittany Nipperess
Work Update

Overview: The Market Analysis team for January has a lot of data to consolidate thanks to the hustle of the December team. We will continue their hard work by delving in to the economic profile of the country and analysing the market from 4 perspectives: income, location, crop types, and supply and demand. Market Analysis will feed this data to the Field Development Team who will continue to develop a permaculture blueprint tailored to the Cambodian market. Goals -          -  Develop...

Jess Riley
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Jess Riley

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