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Work Update

As you may be aware from our last post, February’s Proof of Concept team has been re-designing the previous business model of B2C to B2B. We initially decided that co-ops would be the best way of making local produce viable Fiji-wide because smallholder farmers would be able to put their produce together to meet the massive demand from hotels. However, there were several problems with this model; This is beyond our capacity. We were trying to execute a B2B model where the target...

Dolly Phiri
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Dolly Phiri
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Hi all, Over the month of July, the Malawi health assessment team uncovered multiple issues in the Blantyre. The major issue was access, especially to education and health services. This meant that the people heavily depended on the health care system and would go to the doctor for minor illnesses that would normally be treated at home in western countries, such as the common cold. Transport costs were also a barrier and people would have to walk long distances in order to reach a health...

Dolly Phiri
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