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Work Update

Hi!  The Cambodian ERS team for December have wrapped up for the month with an impressive list of achievements over the month and even better vibes.  ERS were able to finalise a MoU with GAEA, in which it is agreed that PE's venture can dispose of waste to landfill at a set price. The team pivoted away from the bag collection prototype and towards a bin prototype, which has been successful in making 2 sales and receiving EOIs for more sales, proving a willingness and ability to pay for...

Doug Radford
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Doug Radford
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I'll be honest. I'm not exactly sure what a supply chain is. A brief round of research has led me to the attempt you'll see attached here, with the accompanying financial projections in the excel spread sheet. Links the in the "supply chain" are currently being filled by the trekkers and teams on the ground in Siem Reap. Namely the distribution and collection of bags by the GAEA stream, which will hopefully be resolved through a meeting with the GAEA company early next week.  The attempt...

Doug Radford
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