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SoCon has now entered the growth stage. Utilising lean startup methodology SoCon conducted 7 workshops to 73 different customers. This resulted in 77 cash sales netting $980 in revenue. SoCon is no longer a project, if executed correctly SoCon could potentially become self sufficient with various sources of cash flow before the end of 2018.   Vision SoCon aims to address the UN sustainable development goals, specifically:   Goal 01: No Poverty Goal 04: Quality...

Alex Winiarski
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Alex Winiarski

Overview & Goals for January   Stage of Business: Over the past month the December Team has made significant progress on the Social Consulting Venture. Having pivoted towards an educational model, SoCon to date has now delivered 5 successful workshops to approximately 23 different customers , generating $110 in revenue.   The project is currently floating between ideation, prototyping and testing in the Fijian market, with 4 Workshop Modules being developed through...

Alex Winiarski
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Alex Winiarski

Alex Winiarski

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