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Entering the Market as a Solid Waste Collection System The original direction of the Project Everest’s P4P teams have been focused on design concepts that will give plastics a financial value. Some of the potential methods for converting plastics into a sell-able product were pyrolysis and brick manufacturing. When assessing these methods, our team determined that there was an inadequate waste collection infrastructure to make these solutions viable. This, we agreed, was a much larger...

Harrison Sheehan
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Harrison Sheehan

Harrison Sheehan

Wollongong, Australia

Joined this community on Jan 19, 2017

Bio Born in Sydney. Grew up (0-18) on a bush land property of 50 acres. Moved to Wollongong to study engineering. Went on project with PE to Timor-Leste. Currently going to Cambodia as a TL.

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