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February has been a massive month for Everest Recycling Solutions in Timor-Leste. This post will recap the highs and lows of our time in working in Dili. The major goal of the February team was to ensure that ERS could run independently between March and June, in the trusty hands of a local team. As it was, ERS employed a local truck driver, Amino, for two one hour shifts a week. Trekkers would accompany Amino throughout the run to direct him to each pickup location, and assist in...

Khoen Scott
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Khoen Scott

After weeks of preparation the January FarmEd Team set out for the first time to visit the local produce markets to gather some primary data to assist in the development of the FarmEd app. We had 4 major goals: Collect data from local farmers and vendors. Meet potential new contacts. Improve relationships with these key stakeholders. Improve presence and raise awareness of Project Everest in Cambodia. Our preparation included things such as perfection of the Project Everest...

Khoen Scott
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Khoen Scott

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