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We met with Bill from the Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief Center in week 1 where he was extremely helpful in providing valuable information on the challenges that low income farmers are facing. While he was enthusiastic about the work that Project FarmEd is doing in Cambodia, in the end we are a Social Enterprise and one criticism he had was the lack of a business plan. This was something we looked to address this week.   Direction of the Business Plan An interesting note to come...

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Josh Chia

FarmEd aims to use IBM Watson to provide farmers with recommendations. In order to do so we need to collect data from a wide variety of sources. This includes real-time data such as weather and market data as well as knowledge based data from sources such as academic research or NGOs.  Currently we are looking at collecting data from the following sources: Weather Market Pricing Soil (pH, N, K, P) Leaf Colour Charts Soil Types Location News and Events Disease Pests...

Josh Chia
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