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Proposed Experiment

In order to successfully begin to illustrate the benefits of the products or services we introduce into the communities we work with, we must conduct case studies that measure how customers interact with our new products or services. As Jack Whaley stated in a previous post, in order to measure impact, benefits, detriments and possible improvements, we must begin to collect qualitative and quantitative evidence from our early adopters (https://projecteverest.crowdicity.com/post/466022)....

Jimmy Bayssari
by Jimmy Bayssari (Admin)
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Jimmy Bayssari
Jimmy Bayssari (Admin)
Proposed PROJECT

As part of our recent development with the Ranadi Plantation and the Earth Care Agency, we have been given access to a comprehensive value chain that has been compiled in order to bring together key players in the organic farming industry in Fiji. FarmEd is a key player in this value chain. The proposal- FarmEd will roll out: 1. A tried and tested permaculture blueprint for a 1 acre farm that can yield 100kg of crop PER DAY. 2. The FarmEd application with the ability to track data,...

Jimmy Bayssari
by Jimmy Bayssari (Admin)
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Jimmy Bayssari
Jimmy Bayssari (Admin)

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