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In the past three weeks the Fiji FarmEd team have been working hard interviewing farmers and finding out what their problems are. The previous FarmEd Fiji teams have set up a good base for us to go out to farmers and start engaging with them as a Consultancy Service which has allowed us to make 2 sales in the second week of the project. We have continued to build our database for contacts and establish relationships with other bodies on ground in Fiji such as the Taiwanese Technical...

Ganan Ganeshanantham
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Ganan Ganeshanantham
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Looking to make a drip irrigation system using readily available materials such as buckets, hoses etc. The premises is that the bucket will be placed on a 1.5 m high stand made from timber to allow for enough water pressure to supply a 20-30m long hose. The water will run down the hose and disperse water to the plants with the holes strategically placed towards each plant and its roots.  This method also provides an efficient means of using water and makes it easier to water the plants...

Ganan Ganeshanantham
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Ganan Ganeshanantham

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Bio Completed a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering at UTS and worked as a Cadet Engineer with the Roads and Maritime Services for throughout my degree. Graduate Engineer with Lendlease

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