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Learn, Build, Repeat. Unlike some of the other ideas, my proposal is for an overall framework for R&D projects. It specifies a structure for implementing R&D into Project Everest's current project structure. Idea A two-phase, learn and build, program would help Project Everest to realise the potential of research and development, fully utilising its resources of smart capable problem solving students. Project Everest would benefit further from being at the cutting of...

Riley Harris
by Riley Harris
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Riley Harris

  If you’ve ever conducted quantitative research this might seem obvious. I’m not being condescending, this stuff is really really important and often gets overlooked. In any case, these are the most crucial things to keep in mind when evaluating impact: A sceptical Prior A natural way to think about gathering evidence for a program is to directly look for evidence that it works. However, assuming the program doesn’t have a positive outcome, then attempts to find enough evidence...

Riley Harris
by Riley Harris
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Riley Harris

Put simply, if PE wants to make a positive social impact, then it should measure its social impact. PE Wants to help the lives of real people in the community, and this is a key way to ensure it’s doing so. The trap that many charities fall into is that they neglect to check if their product or service is really making a difference, I could tell you that empirical studies of various aid interventions find that they are rarely very helpful, and many have negative effects. Or I could tell...

Riley Harris
by Riley Harris
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Riley Harris

Riley Harris

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