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Work Update

Abstract: The December Energy Assessment team was faced with the challenging task of providing the people of Timor-Leste with a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable power supply. The July team found that solar power was the best approach, thus it was decided to pursue this further. Additional empathising led to several very interested clients, proving solar power had potential in Dili. Contact was made with Hugh Collett from IMEX Tropical, who had identical goals but was already...

Nic Makram
by Nic Makram
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Nic Makram
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Work Update

Atauro Island, sitting about 25km north of Dili, and visible from our accommodation on a clear day, has been deemed by Conservation International to have the world’s most biodiverse waters. I have seen for myself the incredible coral reefs sitting no more than 20 metres from the shore, and have seen some of the vast range of species of fish that occupy these waters. With a population of only around 8000, Atauro Island is truly an untouched paradise, which made it all the more surprising when...

Nic Makram
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