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Work Update

From the empathy research conducted by the December Fuel team in Fiji, it was noted that inland villagers had the following problems: Villagers needed electricity mainly at night times for their children to be able to study in light Since they were inland, they were not essentially part of the main electricity grid and as such it cost the Fiji Electricity Authority a fortune to be able to provide electricity access to them. Hence, they were forced to pay several extra fees...

Darren D'Souza
by Darren D'Souza
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Darren D'Souza
Work Update

After having spent the past few days reading the research conducted by the December team in regards to the empathy conducted with 52 villagers from 6 different villages, we were able to collate the different results into a mind map. Two separate mind maps were created, to cater to the two major problems experienced by the villagers as highlighted by the December team as being:   Electricity Cooking   Both these problems are prevalent in both geographical areas...

Darren D'Souza
by Darren D'Souza
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