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Perhaps a quick way to find out if someone else has solved an issue you are trying to solve is to google “the Uber of X”. Maybe I’ll google the Uber of friends ¯\_( ツ )_/¯. In combining the previously posted ideas of RFID tags and the Wings payment system, there exists an opportunity to keep most of the associated costs of ERS variable and reduce overheads. This idea basically consists of a system where ‘jobs’ would be lodged through an online/app/text system in order for those...

Ciaran Hoare
by Ciaran Hoare
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Ciaran Hoare
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Currently everyone is using DJi drones for prototyping FarmEd in Cambodia and Fiji. These drones have limitations in flight time, area coverage, and a high cost. Developing a tailored drone to fit the required uses for FarmEd could increase productivity as the business expands. Gathering larger amounts of information over longer periods of time is more suited to a fixed wing drone, though this increases the difficulty of use in launch and landing.  My idea revolves around the...

Ciaran Hoare
by Ciaran Hoare
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