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What does Australia have a lot of?... Cows. Don't believe it? Well the cattle population in Australia actually exceeds it's human population. There are some 27 million cows in Australia and it's no myth that cows produce methane gas, which of course contributes to harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Now if we were to ask what Fiji has a lot of then, there's no debating the sheer scale of natural resources in Fiji, of which there is an abundance of Paw Paw. IDEA So why do we care...

Robert Stevenson
by Robert Stevenson
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Robert Stevenson

Robert Stevenson

Sydney, Australia

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Bio Trekker, Team Leader, 2IC, Group Leader, Design Thinking Expert, Innovator, Product Designer, Mathletics Champ (2008). Dove (INFJ) - Introverted and thus afraid of all human contact

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