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I have just shared this idea with the ERS team, but it is definitely worthy of a bigger picture Ideas Box post. RFID is a really cool technology that is really simple in its operation. consisting of 2 parts, a passive tag (can be inset in plastic like a credit card: paywave, or a paper sticky tag) and an active reader. The reader makes contact with the antenna on the RFID tag, passes though it, picks up the unique code and then comes back to the reader all in a split second. Countless...

Kai Faulkner
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Kai Faulkner
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There are clearly many ways of tackling this enormous challenge space. Particularly as we look at the Empathise stage of design thinking. I think empathise is a bit of a misunderstood term and it is not all about simply talking to people and finding problems so that we can define a problem. It is more a point of developing a level of understanding so that you may develop a solution that delivers on the social purpose and impact. So in this case I believe the perfect place to start is with...

Kai Faulkner
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