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  In an ill-informed market, the value consumers place on the environmental sustainability of a product is likely low. So in order for consumers to part with their hard earned, they're going to need to see some insane increase in the quality of goods or a notable drop in their price.  Given pyrolysis isn't a viable prospect (given the capital outlay and cost efficiencies of producing the fuel) I really see the only viable prospect for p4p being the sale of the machines or...  Using...

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William Ashford

Recently IBM released an open source R package to access the Watson APIs. https://www.ibm.com/blogs/watson/2016/08/accelerating-data-scientist-access-watson-cognizer/ This can be combined with a different package called shiny to create a Watson-powered application.  The amazon web service can then be used to host the application online.  It'd be great to work with anyone else who is competent in R on this. Email me at will.ashford@projecteverest.ventures if this is you! Cheers,...

William Ashford
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Bio Multidisciplinary engineer, UCL Master's student, R&D Exec @ PE, Data Engineer @ Mullen Lowe MediaHub

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