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[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Customer Segment B: Currency Test - February 2019

Lean Phase: UVP

Assumption: Our app solution can help provide support for NGOs and other stakeholders in keeping communities supported and accountable in maintaining a nutritionally varied diet. Stakeholders are willing to exchange feedback and data for use of the application.

Time Box: July Weeks 1-2

Success Metric: Percentage of stakeholders willing to exchange feedback and data for use of the USTAWI application.


Green Light- Maintain relationship with stakeholder and utilise feedback and data collected.

Success point- 60% of stakeholders agree to engage in the application.

Orange Light- Between 20% and 60% of stakeholders agree to engage with the application. Reassess the experiment and the pitch. Reiterate the validated pain points.

Red Light- Less than 20% of stakeholders agree to engage in the application.

Failure Point- The experiment results have proved our assumption wrong. Return to offer testing and defining pain points for stakeholders.

Experiment build:

  1. Set up a second meeting with stakeholders who responded to the previous offer test.

  2. Create a meeting agenda using what was learnt from previous meetings to pitch specifically where the app solution will help within the stakeholder’s operations.

  3. Explain to stakeholders that we have noticed that our app solution can help maintain continuity and accountability in rural communities when it comes to supporting a nutritionally varied diet.

  4. Explain, in detail, how the app works and the functions that are of specific interest to stakeholders. Be sure to keep transparent about the app and the development stage it is currently in.

  5. Ask stakeholders whether they would be willing to use the app and then provide Hidden Hunger with feedback and suggestions on how it could work better in the Malawian context.

  6. Propose an exchange of data in order to strengthen both operations and possibly open up future channels for Hidden Hunger and the USTAWI application.

  7. Exchange data.

  8. Victory.

  9. Follow through with actions on from meeting, write up meeting minutes and update hubspot.

  10. Compile data into a CRM in the data collection folder in Hidden Hunger google drive and analyse.

  11. Write up experiment results.

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