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Proposed Experiment

[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - False Door Test: Advertising Facebook (Urban) and Radio (Rural) Channels: Utility Test - February 2019

Lean Phase: Channels/ Utility Testing


Assumption: Using specific advertising to target audiences will create a pathway to inform people that nutrition advice can be accessed through the USTAWI App.

Rural Malawi, as the target audience, will respond to Radio advertisement greater than Urban regions responding to Facebook ads.



  • Build customer base and validate where customers are distributed.
  • Gauge community interest in accessing nutritional information in urban and rural areas.


Time Period: July Weeks 3-4


Success Metric:  Number of people who reply to Facebook ads versus number of people who text reply into the Radio ads




Green Light: Validation of customer segment in rural regions of Malawi

Success point: More than 50% reply to Radio ads rather than Facebook ads

Orange Light: Between 30 - 50% reply to Radio ads or more people respond through Facebook ads

Failure Point: Less than 30% reply through Radio ads.

Red Light: Ideate other areas to advertise false door test to target the rural regions of Malawi



Experiment build: False Door Test

  1. Create advertisement on Facebook as a false door link, targeted to urban regions of Blantyre

  2. Create and script Radio advertisement , targeted to rural audience, with an included phone number to text in response

  3. Advertise ad #1 within 2 week period. Call to action is clicking the false door link, Facebook relays the numbers of interest and details

  4. Advertise ad #2 within 2 week period. Call to action is an expression of interest whereby customers text their name, village and # of people in household to advertised number

  5. Compile responses into CRM in data collection folder on google drive and compare results



Experiment proposed by Pedro Kubwalo JMCL, meeting occurred on 22/01/19 at 10:00.

This experiment is designed for testing a year from now, determined from the progress of July’s progress and the development of the App in Australia.


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