[FEB 19] [TIMOR] Market Stall - Distribution Channels

Lean Phase:




Traditional Timorese markets are a suitable distribution channel for the Seguru Stove.


Time Box:

Week 3 of February Project


Key Metrics:

Number of people per hour who approach the stall manned by PEV and enquire about the Seguru Stove

Percentage of people who showed initial interest that actively liked the Facebook page, took a brochure and were visibly interested in finding out more


Success Points

Green Light Proceed: Proceed with research into the logistics of selling the Seguru Stove at the markets in the off months that PEV isn’t operating.

Success Point: 50% of people who engaged with us were actively interested in finding out more (brochure, facebook).


Orange Light Optimise: Empathise at the markets to determine what works there and then optimise our stall and customer engagement techniques. Try manning the stalls with locals instead, to avoid “Malae” bias on results.


Failure Point: 20% of people who engaged with us were actively interested in finding out more (brochure, facebook).

Red Light Failure: Re-evaluate other channels and conduct individual experiments to validate if they are viable channels for distribution.


Experiment Build:

Customer engagement should follow these experiments:

Price Testing:

Customer Engagement:

Stove sales:


For this experiment price and usability testing as well as the sales experiment will be conducted through this distribution channel. A stall will be set up with the prototype and manned by PEV, with PEV branding clear. Brochures and business cards will be available, as well as the necessary documentation to take deposits. We will also require an intern, as from previous research it was established that few people could speak English at the markets. The initial market will be Taibesse markets, with some recon being done the day before to reconfirm a stall can be set up without issue.

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Due to difficulties obtaining a market permit to operate a stall, this experiment is being post-poned temporarily.

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