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[Feb 19]: App Content Satisfaction (Solution) - Fiji FarmEd1

Jess Scrivener
Jess Scrivener | Feb 7, 2019 | in FarmEd - Fiji

Lean Phase: Solution (MVP)

Assumption: Farmers are pleased with the information the app delivers

Time Box : 2 Weeks 

Key Metrics :

If farmers give 12/16 positive feedback in the survey it will indicate that they are pleased with the information provided by of the app.

Success Point: At least 75% of farmers interviewed are pleased with the app  

Green Light:

  • Proceed with sales
  • Continue with improving and developing channels
  • Continue to add more information and resources to the application

Orange Light Range: 75-50% of farmers interviewed are pleased with the app  

Orange Light:

  • While completing the surveys gather information on what areas need improvement and what they want changed to improve the content of the app.
  • If information is altered, repeat the questionnaire at a later date.
  • Give another demonstration on how to use the application.

Failure Point Range: 50% of famers are displeased with the app 

Red Light Failure Protocol:

The information provided by the app does not adequately fit the needs of those completing the survey. In order to progress perform any applicable action from the list below.

  1. Review the survey questions

  2. Review the needs of those who completed the survey

  3. Determine if there are areas of information missing on the app

  4. Use data gathered to guide other future actions 

Experiment build:


  • Review the hubspot profiles of those living in the village you are visiting.


  • Conduct the following questionnaire through face to face encounters.

Post departure:

  • Collate data from the questionnaires
  • Calculate the totals for every response using the key below to see which sections are lacking satisfactory information and which are providing all the adequate information.
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Jess Scrivener Feb 7, 2019

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Lucy Preiss Feb 10, 2019

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Brodie Leeson Feb 18, 2019

Should there be another 10 questions in the survey? Are you planning to expand from simple questions about aspects of the app with two questions, like do you think this will assist you in farming, would be willing to try to plant new crops with the help of this app. do you think you will be better equipped to deal with pests and diseases, do you think the app is a reasonable price etc?

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