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[Feb 19]: Understanding of pH (Solution) - Fiji FarmEd1

Jess Scrivener
Jess Scrivener | Feb 7, 2019 | in FarmEd - Fiji

Lean Phase: Solution (Offer Testing)

Assumption: Fijian farmers understand what pH is and why it is useful in regards to their farms and receiving tailored information.

Time Box: 2 Weeks 

Key Metrics: If farmers receive a score of 3/4 on the questionnaire it will indicate that they understand pH.

Success Point: More than 60% of farmers scored 3/4

Green light:

  • Farmers have demonstrated a sound understanding of pH
  • Pitch sensor and discuss future sales of sensor once app is avaliable

Orange light range: 30 - 60% of farmers score 3/4 

Orange light:

  • Farmers have demonstrated a basic understanding of pH
  • Proceed with pitch, but reassess explanation of importance of pH.

Failure point: Less than 30% of farmers scored a 3/4

Red light:

  • Farmers have demonstrated a minimal to no understanding of pH
  • Re-evaluate need for farmers to have sensors

Experiment Build:

Pre-departure -  

  • Prepare explanation of pH:
  • Ensure trekkers have a good understanding of pH, the sensor and the app.

Encounter -  

  • Conduct meetings with village farmers to gauge their understanding of pH.
  • Explain pH to farmers who do not understand what it is.
  • Ask survey questions to determine farmers understanding.

Post-encounter -

  • Record required information onto Hubspot.
  • Determine if farmers understood the pH and it's value in regards to their farms and receiving tailored information by collating of data from survey. 
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Lucy Preiss Feb 10, 2019

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Brodie Leeson Feb 18, 2019

Very important data to gather.

Please be careful when explaining pH as it can get very confusing very quickly when pH, acidity and alkalinity are used interchangeably. Note the confusion in the term low acidity, is that not very acidic (i.e. close to pH7 or above pH7, or low acidity as in the pH is low so very acidic) be careful with this.

Also in the questionnaire is there a purpose to asking if they understand pH and then getting them to explain it so if their explanation is not correct you tell them they were wrong effectively twice. Would it be simpler to just ask them to explain it?

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