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[Feb 19] Sales of Application (Solution) - Fiji FarmEd 1

Laura White
Laura White | Feb 7, 2019 | in FarmEd - Fiji

Lean Phase: Solution (Sales)

Assumption: Farmers want to purchase the application

Time Box: 1 Week

Key Metrics:  Number of MOU’s or EOI’s signed

Success point: More than 60% of farmers sign MOU’s

Green Light:

  • Continue with signing MOU’s
  • Continue pitching the app to farmers to generate sales for those with suitable android phones.

Orange Light Range: 60% - 30% of farmers sign MOU’s

Orange Light:

  • Continue with signing MOU’s
  • Sell and download app onto suitable farmer phones if interested
  • Re-evaluate pitching strategies

Failure point: Less than 30% of farmers sign MOU’s.

Red light:

  • Identify key reasons why farmers are unwilling to sign MOU’s through feedback given from regular conversation i.e. cost, lack of features, etc.
  • Based off this information, adjust pitching approach and demonstration.
  • Address any key issues such as features that will then be sent through to the development team.

Experiment Build:


  • Ensure all Trekkers are familiar with the pitching approach for app
  • Ensure all Trekkers have access to link to distribute the app and access to a phone or demonstrations
  • Ensure all trekkers understand the context behind specific villagers prior to entry and encounter using HubSpot as a resource
  • Ensure all trekkers understand how to use app


  • Conduct pre-arranged meeting with farmers
  • Pitch application using sales script
  • Encourage farmers to sign MOU’s
  • Sell application to farmers with suitable phones, and download.


  • Record all customer information on HubSpot for future use
  • Collate customer feedback regarding the app
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Lucy Preiss Feb 10, 2019

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Brodie Leeson Feb 18, 2019

Is there a script or process you have developed for pitching approach, maybe a full SOP of selling the app including process of app delivery? If so please link it here.

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