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[Feb 19] Application Usability (Solution) - Fiji FarmEd I

Christopher Fahlbusch
Christopher Fahlbusch | Feb 7, 2019 | in FarmEd - Fiji

Lean Phase: Solution (Usability)

Assumption: Farmers are able to use and navigate through the application comfortably and independently.

Time Box: 3 Weeks

Key Metrics:

Number of times farmers interact with the application per week.

Success point:

50% of farmers use the app at least 3 times per week

30% of farmers use the app between 1 and 3 times per week

Green Light:

Farmers are frequently engaging with the application in a comfortable and independent manner.

Continue sales and distribution of the app.

Orange Light Range:

40% of farmers use the app at least 3 times per week

20% of farmers use the app between 1 and 3 times per week

Orange Light:

Continue with sales of the application

Gather information as to why farmers do not use the app more frequently by conducting a survey.

Failure point:
50% of farmers do not use the app at all

Red light:

Farmers find difficulty with the application, or have limited need to engage with it.

Consider conducting a workshop where trekkers can further explain how to use the app to farmers

Suggest that further instructions be included within the app

Experiment Build:

Pre-departure -

Ensure trekkers have a good understanding of the app and are able to navigate it comfortably and independently.

Encounter 1 -

Pitch the app, and distribute to interested parties (see sales experiment)

Explain that we will return and would like farmers to keep track of their app usage and any problems or recommendations they might have.

Encounter 2 -

Revisit villages to investigate application use, one week after distribution by conducting a survey

Record the number of times farmers engaged with the application, including what features were used and how often.

Post-encounter -

Record information into Hubspot.

Collate data from surveys to determine the most common issues present within the application that need to be addressed.


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Jess Scrivener Feb 7, 2019


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Lucy Preiss Feb 10, 2019

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Brodie Leeson Feb 18, 2019

Your Key metrics seem to deviate from themselves. Green and Orange light use the same statistic but then red light uses a different metric. Keep these consistent. They are related but they should be the same.

I feel like this is skipping an initial step, it is using an experimental procedure which would be effective at gathering data on repeat use statistics to gather data on the ease of use of the app. What was your justification on this? Are they directly related? What was your reason for not using an experiment build of walking a farmer through the app and then asking them to do specific tasks or answer questions with info from the app, then maybe coming back in a week and seeing their proficiency with the app and how it has improved?
The experiment build and purpose of experiment/assumption being tested don't seem directly aligned.

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