[FEB 19] [REPURPOSE] Outsourcing options: Glass

Over January, ERS Repurpose explored outsourcing options for plastic, glass and cardboard. It became apparent we were spreading too far and thin, reverting the focus to ONLY plastic in week 2. As an outsourcing option has been found for plastic, the focus needs to move towards glass and cardboard/paper.


Glass outsourcing options were explored in January, and found to be not viable due to glass density + low selling price (Results to be posted:


Lean Phase: Solution, Customer segment



There is a want/need for collected glass within Dili/surrounding areas


Time Box: 2 Weeks


Success Metric:


Number of solutions for glass researched thoroughly and financially analysed.


Green Light - Proceed

  • A minimum of 2 solutions researched, deemed financially viable and sustainable.

Success point:

  • Prototype ideated

Orange Light - Optimise

  • Potentially not enough information obtained to conclude there is a minimum of 2 financially viable solutions. Overcome blocks preventing further research.

Failure Point:

  • Not enough information collected or no solutions found

Red Light -

  • Explore NEW outsourcing options for glass.


Experiment build:

  1. Collate existing research (within Dossier) on glass repurposing

  2. Research creative new ways to use our collected glass.

  3. Determine a minimum of 2 feasible solutions to pursue

  4. Obtain contacts within Dili/surrounding areas to determine whether there is a want or need for the solution.

  5. Financially analyse the solutions to determine if they are viable

Rose Gooding 4 months ago

Status label added: Experiment adopted

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Status label added: Proposal not viable

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Andrew Vild 2 months ago

Status label removed: Experiment adopted

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