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[FEB 19] [REPURPOSE] Outsourcing options: Cardboard/Paper

Throughout January, ERS Repurpose explored outsourcing options for plastic, glass and cardboard. It became apparent we were spreading too far and thin, reverting the focus to ONLY plastic in week 2. As a potential outsourcing option has been found for plastic, the focus needs to move towards glass and cardboard/paper.


Cardboard/Paper outsourcing options were explored in January, and found to be not viable due to machine intensive pre-processing + low selling price (Results to be posted):


Lean Phase: Solution, Customer segment



  1. There is a want/need for our collected (impending) cardboard and paper.


Time Box: 2 Weeks


Success Metric:


There are at least 2 people willing to take our collected (impending) cardboard/paper.

  1. 1 person is not enough, 3 people doesn’t look promising from past research, 2 is the middle.


Green Light - Action

  • Ensure option to sell cardboard/paper is financially viable and sustainable should our collection quantity pick up.

Success point:

  • Both parties have expressed interest in collecting our cardboard/paper

Orange Light - Optimise

  • Overcome issues/objections raised by either party

Failure Point:

  • No interested contacts are found within the time box period.

Red Light -

  • Explore NEW outsourcing options for cardboard


Experiment build:

  1. Collate existing research (within Dossier) on cardboard and paper

  2. Utilise existing research into Singaporean and Malaysian companies that manufacture envelopes and bookmarks, to find contact details.

  3. Make contact with these companies to determine whether there is a want/need for our cardboard/paper.

  4. Assess whether an outsourcing option is financially viable.

  5. Utilise existing contacts to additionally find a local option for cardboard/paper

  6. Similarly, make contact to determine whether they are interested in our paper/cardboard and if this is feasible.

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