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[FEB 19] [REPURPOSE] Cost Optimisation

If we are to continue down the Ximenes Belo outsourcing option at $1/FIBC bag of plastic bottles, we need to minimize fixed costs. The largest cost currently is the ongoing cost of the warehouse of $150/month.


Lean Phase: Cost structure



  1. There is a cheaper way to store recycled material (other than warehouse → $150/month)


Time Box: 1 Week


Success Metric:


Profit margin financially assessed for several researched solutions of storing recycled material.


Green Light - Proceed

  • Optimise financial projections (minimise variable costs + mitigate fixed costs) and explore scaling to maximise revenue.

Success point:

  • If 70% profit margin can be attained, proceed with green light.

Orange Light - Optimise

  • Inform Collection on the exact figure that they need to sustain to keep ERS in the green.

Failure Point:

  • If the monetary figure required from Collection requires an increase in the cost of current BagPay and Premium

Red Light -

  • Explore NEW outsourcing options


Experiment build:

  • Form an extensive financial projection that incorporates all costs incurred by Repurpose and the different options that could be utilised.
  • This should include assessing financials around all options including if we were to omit the warehouse (for this option assessing the logistics around this  would need to be looked at)
  • Projections of many plastic bottles we would need to collect would need to be included in the projection (and what this means in terms of customers for Collection)
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