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[FEB 19] Distribution: Businesses and Organisations (Channels) - Fiji FarmEd II

Mira Gaponova
Mira Gaponova | 11 months ago | in FarmEd - Fiji

Assumption: Businesses and organisations are willing to distribute the FarmEd application


Lean phase: Channels


Time Box: 3 weeks


Key Metrics:

The number of positive outcomes received indicating a willingness to distribute the app.


Gold: Signed MoU with full or partial payment.

Silver: Signed MoU without payment but an intention to distribute

Bronze: Set up future meetings with an intention to distribute


**All key metrics are valued equally in validating the assumption.


Note: Financially invested institutions (e.g. hotels, resorts, or exporters) are less likely to be willing to distribute the app. Socially invested institutions (e.g. MoA or FNU) are more likely to show willingness to distribute the app because of their values and the social impact. For this reason, success points have been adapted for both categories.


Success Point:

Socially invested: ≥60%


Financially invested: ≥50%


Green Light:

  • Proceed to explore channels with resorts, export companies, NGO and government organisations to scale the FarmEd application

  • Design experiment considering how to distribute the application


Orange Light Range:

Socially invested: 60-40%


Financially invested: 50-10%


Orange Light:

  • Identify stakeholders concerns with the application and revisit once further changes have been implemented.

  • Identify differing interests and values desired by the different partnership segments (i.e. NGOs vs resorts).

  • Explore the possibility of commission to increase the willingness to distribute the application.


Failure point:

Socially invested: ≤40%


Financially invested: ≤10%


Failure protocol:

  • Address the stakeholders’ underlying concerns that may cause the lack of willingness to distribute the application.

  • Pitch to another possible channel

  • Use gathered data and feedback to guide future development of the application


Experiment Build:

Pre departure:

  • Review hubspot and familiarise ourselves with previous communication

  • Research organisations values to create a tailored pitch and strong empathy. We will be using the following document to do so:

  • Find new contacts and organise meetings

  • Prepare and practise pitch

  • Meeting objectives and briefs


  • Pitch the benefits of the application and value of distributing the App to organisations, as well as the potential future features of the app.

  • Consider whether there is a divide in who is willing to distribute, e.g. are businesses less likely than social organisations, vice versa, etc

  • Provide a demonstration of Govi Nena

  • Record minutes and any additional information that may be informative to the development of the application

  • Have organisations sign MoU’s or organise new meetings

  • Build rapport/good relations.


Post Meeting:

  • Fill in minutes to HubSpot and the above document for each meeting.

  • Follow up and thank you emails.

  • Inform of any developments of the MVP and continue future communication.

  • Send through desirable functions of the design to create further interest in the application. 

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