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[Feb 19] Facebook Messenger ChatBot (Channels) - Fuel Fiji

Lean Phase: Channels

Assumption: That Facebook’s third-party ChatBot software is a viable platform to automate the ordering process away from PEV’s in-country operations

Time Box: 2 Weeks

Key Metrics:

  • Level of customer satisfaction of users of Facebook ChatBot
  • Level of assistance in completing of the ChatBot ordering process
  • Cost of ChatBot program per month

Green Light

  • The Facebook ChatBot is deemed viable
  • Continue to add ordering abilities i.e online payments, request for delivery, bulk orders, etc.
  • Automate link between Facebook customers and manufacturers

Success point

  • Customer satisfaction equal or above 80%
  • Having assistance required on average 0-1 times throughout ChatBot ordering process
  • Subscription to ChatBot program is less than or equal to $41FJD/month

Orange Light- Optimise

  • Discuss with potential customers and retailers their issues with using the ChatBot
  • Optimise functionality through continued testing and iteration

Failure Point

  • Customer Satisfaction below 40%
  • Having assistance required on average 2 or more times throughout ChatBot ordering process
  • Subscription to ChatBot program is more than $41FJD/month

Red Light- Failure Protocol

  • Redesign using current app
  • Trial other Facebook ChatBot apps
  • Conduct further research into preferred ordering/payment systems amongst Fijian customers

Experiment build:


As of the 2017 census, it was recorded that the total number of people using Facebook in Fiji is 380 000. This is 43% of the total population and 90% of all internet user in Fiji. In the January handover document it was expressed that using Facebook to both gain interest among villagers and produce sales was a potential option. This was trialed by creating a Facebook page where potential customers could access information on the product as well as express interest in purchasing one. Currently this process is manual with a Project Everest member engaging in conversation over Messenger with the interested customer. In order to achieve autonomy in Fiji, it was suggested by SoCon TL Olivia that the ordering process should be automated through the use of a ChatBot Similar to the one used by African Farmers Club. Eventually, customers will be directly linked to the stove. The Fuel team validated the 8 customer archetypes that we hope to connect with throughout this experiment. See Customer Archetypes Experiment for more.

See attached spreadsheet for preliminary cost analysis including amount each stove needs to make to justify a $41FJD/month ChatBot program. In summary if a projected 20 stove sales are made in a month, each stove is required to make $2.05 to cover this. 


  1. Meet with existing and potential customers and retailers who fit our customer archetypes
  2. Get them to test ChatBot unassisted but provide assistance where necessary

  3. Collect customer feedback in person

  4. Collate data and determine average results
edited on 8th February 2019, 00:02 by Harry O'Donnell

Fiona Aaron 11 months ago

I have a few questions/concerns with these metrics:
1) 5-10 customers placing orders through the Facebook ChatBot - could you explain why this number and range was chosen? What percentage of overall customers is this?
2) 100% successful interactions through the Facebook Chatbot - what defines a successful interaction? Why is 100% the chosen metric?
3) 80-100% EOI from retailers in using the Facebook ChatBot as their main method of ordering stoves - is an EOI just a message? If they are using it as their main method of ordering stoves, shouldn't the metric be focused on sales from retailers rather than EOI?
4) Subscription to ChatBot program is less than $50/month - how many sales do you need to justify $49 per month subscription? Why is this the number that's been chosen?

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Harry O'Donnell 11 months ago

Hi Fiona,
Sorry for the delay, but we've made changes accordingly and put in some justification for the chatbot subscription fee metric.
Thanks for the feedback, please send through any other questions/concerns.

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Lucy Preiss 11 months ago

Status label added: Experiment adopted

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Brenda Pugh 6 months ago

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