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Adopted Experiment

[Experiment Adopted]: Fuel Timor-Leste February 2019 - Distribution and Sales Channels

Lean Phase:




There are at least two viable distribution channels for the stoves in Dili and surrounding areas.


Time Box:

First week of February project


Key Metrics:

Number of distribution channels in Dili and surrounding areas determined viable from primary and secondary research.


Success Metrics

Green Light Proceed: Proceed with individual experiments testing the success of each distribution channel in reality (similar to what has been done for Solar Consulting in Malawi)


Success Point:

Two or more viable distribution channels are found


Orange Light Optimise:

Proceed with individual experiment for viable distribution channel found

Re-evaluate considered options for channels, conduct further primary and secondary research with new findings into other channel options


Failure Point:

No viable distribution channels have been found


Red Light Failure:

Re-evaluate considered options for channels, conduct further primary and secondary research based on new findings.

Ideate new broader options for distribution channels, with a focus on thinking outside the box (ideation activities)


Experiment Build:

Initially conduct secondary research to determine as many options for distribution channels within Dili and surrounding areas. Analyse pricing and logistics of these channels to narrow down to only viable options.

Meet and discuss with potential distributors as well as customer base and knowledgeable local people to determine the viability of these channels in reality.

A variety of channels must be considered, and most will have different builds. Each option must be considered for its benefits and weaknesses before the process in undertaken.

The criteria for assessing these distribution channels is as follow

  • Efficiency in delivery process (from manufacturer to customer)
  • Quality of delivery (good service, damage to goods)
  • Reliability of delivery, ease of contact
  • Price of service
  • Location in relation to manufacturing, future warehouse, etc
  • Distributor’s value in product (will it be looked after, prioritised, promoted)
  • Ease of communication with the distributor (do they respond to phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, email etc)
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